The development team of Qian Tu Ke Ji You Xian Gong Si. Is dedicated to the service, development and application of Internet technology, providing a one-stop and all-directional integrated online brand service for enterprises and institutions. 
From the network brand planning, creating, brand promotion, development to brand maintenance and management, analysis of network resources, diagnosis, integration, in order to promote the brand value to provide strategy, creative, design, consultancy services, and focus on the network brand, network planning and design of the visual aspects of exploration and research, to ensure the planning, development, design, project implementation, research, such as a full range of professional operation, according to customer's specific situation develop series of specialized and standardized customer service and security system, for the enterprise to provide thoughtful, trust of one-stop service. 

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Tel: 138-0013-8000
Email address: qiantukj@sohu.com
Website: http://www.qtkj168.com
Address: nanshan district, shenzhen city

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